We empower executives to lead with authority.

Hermes works with you—and your business—to help ensure your character, as well as your unique perspective, is consistent and commanding on every level of communication. We develop a wide range of corporate identity tools such as press kits, branding guides and web copy. We research and write executive bylines, white papers and case studies and are highly experienced in crisis communications. We also offer workshops to improve writing proficiency throughout an entire organization.

Hermes helps entrepreneurs bring order to chaos.

Hermes ensures that entrepreneurs convey with confidence their leading-edge ideas. We help develop the essentials—business plans, investor decks, mission statements, company names, tag lines, slogans and more—and support the entrepreneurial spirit at every stage, from start-up to expansion. Our clients are individuals from all sectors including technology, travel, entertainment, humanitarian aid, healthcare and wellness, education, real estate, retail, hospitality, aviation, construction, architecture, ecology, insurance, finance and law.

We work with authors whose only approval they need is their own.

The old publishing paradigm is disappearing and self-publishing has become not only a time-saving option but also a smart, cost-effective way to get your book to market, particularly if you are a first-time author. Hermes provides a wide range of services, from manuscript development and evaluation to ghostwriting, editing and design—cover to cover. We also provide one-to-one mentoring to ensure you retain 100 percent control and have the tools you need to successfully publish your next project.

Please feel free to contact us for a list of references and project examples or to obtain a quote.