About Hermes

A hybrid creative consultancy.

Hermes Creative is led by Jules Hermes, a published author, photographer and trusted creative partner to highly regarded West Coast public relations firms and branding agencies. Rooted in both the analytical and the imaginative, her skills and expertise span research, copywriting, editing, photography and book publishing.

Though her passion for writing and photography began decades before the Digital Age (her first camera cost 50 cents and 10 Bazooka Joe bubble gum comics), Hermes’ career was set in motion in her early 20s while hitchhiking alone through East Africa. Inspired by a painting she received from a 15-year-old boy living along the shores of Lake Malawi, she led a semi-nomadic life for eight subsequent years, working and living on five of the seven continents while writing and photographing a series of multicultural books for a U.S.-based publisher.

Her decades of experience includes working with authors, entrepreneurs and executives across a broad spectrum of industries, from biological sciences and technology to finance and real estate. Her career history also includes working with renowned nonprofit groups such as Atlanta-based CARE USA and the American Refugee Committee, where she served as director of communications documenting the refugee crisis in countries such as Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, and developing partnerships with the Campaign to Ban Landmines, the International Olympic Committee and John Hancock Financial.

Hermes House Press

In 2009 Hermes established Hermes House Press with the publication of PEACE. LOVE. PAWS: The Art of Being Kind, an inspiring collection of children’s art to support the work of the Atlanta Humane Society. Since then, Hermes House Press has released several titles including: Community-based Rehabilitation in the Bolivian Amazon (Una Experiencia de Rehabilitacion Basada en la Comunidad) by Teresa Glass Connaker; Permanent Deadline (first edition) by Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Fritz; IMAGINE IF THOUGHTS WERE BALLOONS by Rico Vanvenutti; India Self Portrait: An artful anthology of Indian life in past and present; and the forthcoming LIFE LOOKING BACK. For more information, visit www.hermeshousepress.com.

Hermes is a graduate of UCLA, a decades-long hospice volunteer and has served as a judge for the Midwest Book Awards since 2013. Her published works include The Children of India, The Children of Micronesia, The Children of Morocco, The Children of Guatemala and The Children of Bolivia (Carolrhoda Books, Inc.). She has also interviewed, photographed and contributed to a biography of the 14th Dalai Lama (The 14th Dalai Lama: Spiritual Leader of Tibet, Lerner Biographies) and has confidentially ghostwritten books and executive bylines that have appeared in publications such as TechCrunch, WIRED, Beverly Hills Magazine, The CEO Magazine, Women in Business and Industry and World Pipeline Magazine.