The Animals are Running the Zoo

Marketing oracle Aaron Shapiro recently wrote about brand challenges in a recent article titled How Marketing Will Change in a Post-Phone World, predicting human interaction will soon be screenless. He states his hypothesis that once everyone gets their hands on an iPhone X, they will segue to the Apple Watch—which means screen size will shrink to smithereens—which means audio will be the last man standing.

How ironic. Returning to an age where sound is the predominant form of communication.

In early November, I sat at a table with an app developer who predicted the same scenario, except he added that everything will be about artificial intelligence. Imagine that! We now must leave it to our imaginations to conjure up images to augment computer-generated words. Maybe one day, in an effort to document the human race of the 21st century, we will start carving out those images in caves and leave behind yet another advanced form of communication: hieroglyphics.

We humans think we are so smart. But the animals are running the zoo.

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