You’ve got expansive thoughts and brilliant ideas that deserve more than a fill-in-the-blanks approach.

A simple algorithm can generate a generic blogpost, but an influential executive speech, authoritative byline or polished manuscript demands and deserves more.


Creative horsepower

Hermes gives executives and their organizations the creative horsepower they need to compete and win.

When you work with Hermes your complex concepts, inspiring stories and leading-edge ideas are written with clarity, insight and intelligence—and in an engaging voice that’s powerful and uniquely your own.



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Hermes is a hybrid creative consultancy rooted in both the analytical and the imaginative.

Part Think Tank, part Arts & Crafts, we provide the kind of writing and creativity that commands authority on every level.

From keynote presentations to published books, Hermes can refine and illuminate your professional leadership style while strengthening your corporate brand.