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A Message about Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Listen up!

If you’re a small company, family-owned shop, restaurant or independent contractor, we want to make sure you ride out this storm and stay in business because you’re what makes America great!

Sending out a simple, positive message will go a long way in reassuring your clients and customers that you are in it for the long game. If you need help, get in touch. We’ll develop and broadcast a brief text or email, press release or an announcement on your website or social channels, whether you can pay or not.

In the meantime, stay healthy, be bold, be daring, and make your mark. The world is waiting to hear from you.


We’re part think tank, part arts & crafts.

Rooted in both the analytical and imaginative, we distill vague, unruly ideas into succinct branding, marketing and public relations tools, from pitch decks, press releases, press kits and brand guides to white papers, case studies, website copy, social and more.


We’re the voice behind authority.

With years of experience in thought leadership writing and book development, we’ll interpret your complex concepts, frontier technologies and leading-edge ideas with insight and intelligence—in a powerful voice that’s uniquely your own. 


We’re the antidote to writer’s block.

In addition to writing for executives at the helm of multi-billion-dollar companies and presenting novel ideas for entrepreneurs on the cusp of new discoveries, we offer content development and in-house staff workshops to help elevate communication and brand messaging on every level—from junior staff to the C-Suite.


We can explain everything.

Our process is simple: Give us your project or problem—a pitch deck, speech, website or full-length manuscript—and just a little of your time—and we promise to knock your socks off.


(949) 289-0837  (THE FIRST 30 MINUTES ARE ON US!)